Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

You have enough to worry about. Let TUC manage your technology with proactive monitoring of your critical systems. Our help desk is available via web, chat, email, and phone. We’re always ready to help.

Reactive IT Services Model

The Old Way

Reactive IT Services Model - The Old Way

  1. An IT issue is detected.
  2. You contact your IT solution provider.
  3. Once you reach your IT provider, you describe the issue as you understand it.
  4. If the issue cannot be resolved via email or phone, your IT provider will need to travel to your location.
  5. Once on location, the issue is properly diagnosed.
  6. The issue is resolved.

Proactive IT Services Model

The TUC Way

  1. TUC’s monitoring technologies watch over your network and IT assets 24/7.
  2. If an issue is spotted, our systems alert us immediately and a technician immediately begins working on the issue.
  3. A user that wishes to speak with a technician simply dials the help desk number.
Let’s Get Started!

Our Services Include

  • Pay one flat “per seat” charge that covers all issues (except hardware failure). Because mobile devices are so important these days, our services also includes one smartphone or tablet.
  • All users contact our help desk directly via web, chat, email or phone
  • If the issue pertains to 3rd party software, with which the client has support, TUC will work directly with the 3rd party to resolve the issue at no additional cost.
  • TUC Technologies provides guaranteed response times through our Service Level Agreement for our Managed IT Services customers.
  • Monthly reports are provided that include: number of tickets, top users, issue breakdowns (which system is causing the most issues) and an asset management report.
  • Take advantage of our Virtual CIO services
  • Our model is typically 50% of the cost of “traditional” IT services.

How We’re Different

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