Our DATTO backup continuity solution offers simple file restores and a system backup solution that can be set to backup your data daily or even hourly, if desired, and gives us the power to restore entire servers in minutes. Utilizing instant on-site and off-site virtualization, our Datto backup continuity solution ensures your data is protected.

We can help you design your business's continuity solution and determine the amount of bandwidth and storage needed to ensure your company’s data is protected.

The DATTO Difference:

Before DATTO, most companies couldn’t afford a true business continuity solution, which required redundant equipment and locations. Only large enterprises felt comfortable with the substantial investment necessary. With DATTO, you get the benefits of business continuity with a much smaller cost; one that small and mid-size companies can afford. Datto offers:

  • Local & Offsite Backups to ensure continuous availability of your data
  • Fixed Cost Solutions – You will know up front what your monthly cost will be for our Datto business continuity solution. Our plans include ongoing maintenance and monitoring. You can choose to own or lease the onsite hardware.
  • Virtualization – If you are using our Datto solution to backup your server(s); you gain the benefits of virtualization. For example, in case of server failure, TUC Technologies can quickly and easily spin up a new virtual server either on your in-house Datto hardware or off-site in the cloud to keep your business up and running.

TUC Technologies is a Datto Authorized Partner. We would be happy to evaluate your current backup system and help you determine what Datto Backup Continuity Solution is right for your business. Contact us for more information at 423-282-9348.