What’s the difference between Managed IT services and Break/Fix IT?

When it comes to managing IT, timing is everything. IT companies that handle their clients on a reactive basis leave their clients scrambling while they come up with a resolution. TUC handles things proactively – with our managed IT services, you and your employees will never have to scramble to find an IT solution. We aim to handle as many issues as we can ahead of time, and to be readily available in the event that something goes unexpectedly awry. Don’t waste anymore valuable time with IT companies who can’t be there until two days after your system crashes. When choosing between IT companies in the Tri-Cities, we hope to be your first choice.

Why TUC IT Support?

TUC has been serving the Tri-Cities community since 2011. Our all inclusive IT management services allow you to focus on running your business, and leaving the IT to us. You and your employees should never lose precious productive time during business hours because of a technological hiccup, and we would like to ensure that you and your business are supported by a team of technology experts. TUC Technologies wants to partner with you to improve and expand your business through technology.

IT companies understand the investment you’ve already made before you get to the step of finding an IT partner. Regardless of the size of your business, hardware, software, and their implementation can take a lot of time and money to gather. Even after you’ve made that investment, you’re faced with the process of choosing someone to manage it. You’ll want your IT company to be able to address any IT issues, current or future, and not all IT companies can do that. TUC wants you and your team to spend your time working on your business rather than dealing with IT issues, and recognize our important role as a leader among IT companies, and as the company who offers the best version of managed IT services to the Tri-Cities area.