While our main offices are locate in Johnson City, we pride ourselves on being reliable and responsive to the whole Tri-Cities area, including Kingsport.  We realize that with the growing economy of our area comes new and potentially inhibitive IT problems for local businesses.  That’s why we are committed to providing the managed IT support in Kingsport.

What should I look for in an IT company?

As a business owner, what is your number one concern? Regardless of what kind of business you are, how you can best serve your customers is probably pretty high on your list. TUC is most concerned with how we can best serve our customer base, and for us, that means offering a service that you don’t have to worry about. When you don’t have to think about your employee’s computers or your business software because you know that TUC has it taken care of, that’s when we feel that we’ve done our best job. If your IT company is still functioning on a reactive basis, or if you’re waiting for something to go wrong before finding an IT company, that can mean massive obstacles for you and your business getting back on the right track when an issues arises. You need an IT company that takes a problem off your hands, rather than giving you a million more. TUC can manage your IT based on your needs and what will hold the most benefit for your business at the end of the day.

An IT company that knows the Kingsport community:

TUC has proudly served the Tri-Cities area since 2011, and is proud to have been awarded by both the Kingsport and Bristol Chambers of Commerce, among other awards. A trusting relationship with your IT services company is very important, and we are proud to be established members of this community. Any IT company can fix a computer or handle a down network, but TUC is a dedicated and responsible group of experts that aims to proactively benefit businesses within this community to the best of our ability.