Can TUC fix my computers?

TUC places high priority on keeping close eyes on our remote monitoring tool to ensure that anything that could affect your network is anticipated and prevented whenever possible. We want to ensure that you, your employees, and your business, remain online and productive. This requires that your physical IT toolkit remains in excellent working order – computer repair management is a part of the IT services provided by TUC to the Johnson City area. Hardware issues are unavoidable from time to time, but with managed IT support from TUC, you can rest assured that your computer systems are in the best hands.

Does comprehensive IT support cover software?

Our comprehensive IT support services include management and implementation of software updates. The software you use every day is updating and improving on a near constant basis. Managed IT services from TUC allow our experts to update and monitor your software for you, including ensuring that your software is properly licensed and ready to use when your employees are ready to work. With comprehensive IT support services from TUC in the Tri-Cities, your team won’t have to worry about wasting valuable work hours updating their own software or wondering whether it’s been done correctly.

Comprehensive IT support Help Desk

Along with our Managed IT services, TUC offers the assistance from our team of professional IT consultants to any of your employees via our Help Desk. Any IT question that arises during a work day could cost your employees to lose productivity in trying to solve a problem – instead, they can quickly and easily contact the TUC helpdesk experts via web, chat, email, or phone. Our IT consultants can walk them through a solution, or employ our remote software if needed, and have things back up and running in no time.