Business phone systems that are more than seven years old commonly suffer from outdated functionality, limited integration and lack of interoperability with third-party software to enable new capabilities. In addition, owners of legacy phone systems contend with reliability concerns, expensive maintenance, and the threat of end of sales and support from the phone system’s vendor. Compounding these issues, aged systems often have no straightforward upgrade path to contemporary solutions.

To Stay Ahead of the Competition in Johnson City, Business Phone Systems Can Provide a Winning Edge.

Some of the advantages of a modern business phone system include:

  • Increasing business efficiencies, process accuracy and employee productivity through integration of communications with business applications and databases (i.e., CRM, email, calendars, scheduling, industry-specific software, etc.)
  • Utilizing mobility to provide on-site, in-office, remote-site, campus-wide, and road-warrior employee access to a full range of business communications functionality (i.e., single-number reach, IM/presence, extension dialing, conferencing, etc.)
  • Optimizing customer experiences through advanced information-based call flows that provide caller self-service and route calls to experts who answer questions quickly and completely (i.e., location-based services, availability status, IVR, CRM integration, database look-ups, etc.)
  • Avoiding upfront CapEx and ongoing maintenance costs, aided by rapid implementation and outsourced operation through subscription UC services, which allow IT staff to focus on the core business
  • Improving business agility and responsiveness through faster, more informed decisions that are empowered by connecting people to people and people to information at the right time (i.e., conferencing, mobility, WebRTC, business apps integration, etc.)

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