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Significant differences exist between offerings from one IT provider to the next in terms of overall cost, complexity and flexibility that must be recognized. Not to mention expertise and customer support. Business decision makers face fear, uncertainty, and doubt on how today’s IT purchases will satisfy tomorrow’s requirements. To minimize those concerns and maximize the benefits of a new business phone system, the following criteria must be met when choosing your next communications solution:

  • End-to-end Adoption: Complete business phone solution implementation throughout the entire organization is paramount to eliminate communication gaps that would otherwise diminish the connections and information sharing across users, teams, and sites. Ensuring that licensing is simple, scalable and affordable helps to promote complete, company-wide implementation.
  • Workforce Modernization: Solutions need to provide full-stack unified communications functionality with robust features to support modern work styles. Features should include multi-site dialing, mobility, operator/receptionist consoles, contact center and call queuing, conferencing and IM/presence. These features allow your employees to work anywhere, anytime, over any device and allow them to address increased customer demands for rapid, comprehensive response.
  • Deployment Versatility: Solutions must meet your premises-based (appliance, server, virtual), cloud service or hybrid premises/cloud requirements. Business admins, not just the provider, should be able to provision features for speci c lines of business, sites and user roles to promptly address rapidly changing business and UC solution requirements.
  • Future Proof: Rather than evaluating a solution based on your company’s current performance and system feature requirements, an effective long-term UC solution that offers the best ROI is one that transitions with and adapts to organizational growth without additional, substantial investments. A standards-based solution with all-inclusive features gives you access to added functionality, even if you don’t need it immediately, without incurring additional costs. This can be critical for seasonal businesses or call centers with uctuating call volumes and uid functional requirements.
  • Flexible Migration Planning: The selected solution should provide migration from legacy to IP-based communications solutions that protects existing investments, such as phones and gateways. The same solution should support on-premises to cloud migration, as well as seamless and cost-effective migration from one to the other as your business grows and changes.
  • Customization: An effective communications solution platform supports communications integration with business applications and workflows to create efficiency, allowing your business to enhance customer service, time to market and other key business attributes. The platform should integrate with today’s business apps and databases, as well as those your organization will deploy in the future to give your company a competitive advantage.

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