August 2018

Ransomware part I

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  Ransomware part I The daily reports of cybercrime are important reminders about the need to protect your business from malicious behavior that could threaten the success of your business. There are so many different things that can attack your computer, steal your data, and wreck your day. One of the most troublesome has been the development [...]

July 2018

Business Trade Shows Part III: After the Event

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So, you made it back home from the show. You're exhausted and work has backed up in your absence. Here is where the entire investment in the show can go down the drain. Follow-up is critical. Every one of those prospects need to have follow-up. Lots of it. One contact isn't going to be enough.First, [...]

Business Trade Shows Part II: During the Event

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We're back. In the last post, we talked about building momentum toward a trade show exhibition. Today, let's look at your efforts during the show itself.You already should have sent out a reminder the morning of the show in posts on all your social media accounts, an article on your website blog, and a general [...]

Business Trade Shows Part I: Before the Event

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Going to a tradeshow for the first time? Don't make the mistake of viewing this as a 1-2 day discreet marketing event. Instead, view your exhibit at a tradeshow as the central feature of a much longer and holistic marketing plan that builds to the event, and then culminates in the successful post­show follow up [...]

Is Your Website Mobile Optimized?

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Smaller firms often struggle just to keep up with maintaining a website. Worrying about a scaled­ down version for mobile users seems like just too much trouble. Today's blog is all about why this matters to you and why should you bother with a mobile version.A bit of background: Mobile sites are versions of your [...]

June 2018

Password Basics That Are Still Ignored

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You can have all the locks on your data center and have all the network security available, but nothing will keep your data safe if your employees are sloppy with passwords.There are many ways data can be breached, and opening some link they shouldn't is one of the most serious security sins employees can commit, [...]

April 2018

Cyberattacks and the vulnerability of the small business

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  Cyberattacks and the vulnerability of the small business You cannot go a day without reading about some big name company or even government agency being hacked and critical data being compromised. What you don’t see in the media is that most of the attacks happen to small firms, and that this is where a lot of [...]

March 2018

Denial is not a solution: Something you owe your customers and your employees

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  Denial is not a solution: Something you owe your customers and your employees Why do so many people procrastinate about making a will? Why is it so hard to get young people to buy health insurance? Because it is one of those “probably won’t happen--at least in the foreseeable future, and I‘ve got more interesting things [...]

Limited investment capital and planning for trouble

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  Limited investment capital and planning for trouble Small businesses often fail to take the time to make business continuity plans. One aspect of a business continuity plan involves developing plans to handle the loss of physical infrastructure and hardware. Unfortunately, smaller and younger firms often fail to address these issues because they lack the necessary capital [...]

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